A Psalm Given to Suzanne

I am doing my daily Bible reading in the book of Psalms. After my reading Tuesday morning, the following psalm was laid upon my heart. May Heavenly Father take it to the one that needs it right now, just as I do.


Oh, Lord, my God, my strength and my redeemer.

Cast away all doubt. Drown fear in the rain of thy peace.

I am alone and know not who I am.

Show me I am yours.

You are my Father and I your daughter.

When they come to hurt me, when thoughts come to torment me and trap me in the pit of despair, wrap me in the wings of your love.

Hide me behind the veil of your strength, in the secret places unknown to my enemies.

Send them away, conquer their haughty, mocking spirits.

They seek to destroy me. I cannot defend myself from their arrows. Humble them and cease their awful conquest. Break their bows as they have broken my heart.

Stitch back together the heart tattered by sin. Cloak me in strength, peace, and love.

To You, my Father, I give my heart and soul. You are mine and I am yours. Great is your love.

Thankfulness flows from my heart. Selah.

~15 January 2019~
Suzanne G. McClendon

Image Source: Pixabay

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