Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy


Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Do you have a canine friend that you care about a great deal? If this is the case, you need to take the precautions to make sure that your dog is always in the best of health. There are a variety of ways that you can do this. Always remember that neglecting even a single element of your dog’s health regimen could have negative consequences on your pet. You would be wise to educate yourself as much as possible regarding what a dog needs to stay healthy. This is especially important if you just became a dog owner for the first time. Here are several methods to ensure that your dog has a long and happy life.

1. Make sure that your dog gets an adequate amount of exercise.

A dog needs exercise just as much as a person does. Therefore, you need to take the time out of your schedule to take your dog for a walk on a daily basis. This might be hard for you to do if you have a full-time job and other commitments that take up your time. However, you made a commitment when you became a pet owner. It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is happy and healthy. A dog that is not getting enough exercise on a daily basis will eventually start to develop more serious health problems. You might want to think about hiring a professional dog walker to take your dog for a walk if you do not have the time to do so. Giving your dog enough exercise is especially important if you live in an apartment with no yard for your dog to run around in.

2. Take your dog to a veterinarian on a regular basis.

You probably go to a doctor for a physical examination at least once every year. This is a smart decision on your part. Being proactive where your health is concerned allows you to discover any health problems before they become very serious. You should apply the same logic to the health of your dog. Find a very reputable veterinarian in your area who has many years of experience. Schedule regular appointments to have your dog evaluated by the veterinarian. This person can give you advice about certain things you need to be doing to help your dog stay healthy. The veterinarian might also prescribe medication for your dog to take. You can also shop with Vet Products Direct for dog worming products.

3. Only feed your dog the healthiest foods.

Giving your dog a lot of exercise is great. However, that will not mean very much if you are allowing your pet to eat foods that do not have any health benefits. This is why you need to take as much interest in the health of your dog as you do with your own. Ask your veterinarian to recommend some foods to you that will help to keep your dog healthy. There are certain foods that will make your dog’s immune system stronger. Carefully read the labels of all the foods you are feeding to you dog. This will give you a clear understanding of what is going into your dog’s body. You can then buy foods that will give your canine friend a balanced diet.

4. Brush your dog’s teeth twice every day.

The same problems that can develop in your own mouth when you do not brush your teeth regularly can happen in your dog’s mouth. This is why you need to pay very close attention to the oral hygiene of your dog. Take the time to brush your dog’s teeth twice every day. Doctors have linked many organ problems to poor oral hygiene. This means that your dog could face serious health problems if you neglect its oral hygiene. Get instructions from your veterinarian about the products you should buy and the proper brushing technique you should use.



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Press Release: Chi Chi the Rescue Dog // GoFundMe

ChiChi the Rescue Dog

Campaign Description
Chi Chi is a 4 year old female Golden Retriever that was rescued in South Korea after being found in a trash bag with her legs bound. In order to save her life, portions of all four of her legs had to be amputated. She now lives in the USA, is able to walk, run and play when wearing her custom prosthetics and is a certified Therapy Dog.

Chi Chi has faced far too many medical issues for one dog during her short life. In addition to being a quadruple amputee, she has Lupus, Hypothyroidism and has battled 3 types of cancer (Nasal Cancer, 4 Mast Cell Tumors,   & Thyroid Cancer) and has side effects from the cancer treatments. The past several months have been very difficult medically for Chi Chi and have resulted in our family seeking care from a variety of specialists in order to provide her the best care possible. Our family and the team of veterinarians helping to care for Chi Chi are focused on giving her the best life possible. She remains happy and smiling and we are committed to providing her the best care possible as long as she continues to fight and maintain her incredible will to live, despite the challenges she faces every day.

Our family has spent more than $20,000 on Chi Chi from mid-August to mid-October 2018 on the following medical treatments:
Chi Chi has experienced significant inflammation in her brain since mid-August, resulting in ongoing neurological care, 2 MRI’s, bloodwork, medication and regular Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments in order to manage the post radiation necrosis and edema in her brain. She had her first seizure on 10/11/18 and started new medication and treatment to help control and minimize the seizures.

She had another Mast Cell Tumor removed in September and also spent 2 days in the emergency vet for gastroenteritis and elevated liver enzymes. Chi Chi has lost all vision in her right eye and has been experiencing other vision issues requiring the ongoing care of an ophthalmologist.

Chi Chi has ongoing challenges associated with her amputations and receives regular cold laser therapy to promote blood flow and healing in her limbs and needs medications and treatments to manage the sores she develops from wearing her prosthetics.

Chi Chi has an integrated treatment plan that includes both traditional and holistic treatments. She has an internal medicine veterinarian that helps manage her overall treatment plan. Chi Chi takes a number of traditional and Chinese medications to manage her medical conditions.

We are grateful for everyone who is able to donate to help with Chi Chi’s medical costs. Any donation amount is appreciated, and please only donate if you are able to. Chi Chi and our family wouldn’t want anyone to be in a financial hardship because of donating to help with her medical care.

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes – Day 10

Dog Attack-Suzanne-8Sept2018

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes

Please join everyone at Five Minute Friday for 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes throughout the month of October.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


How do I get past this? Every time they bark, my heart races, even when I’m inside the house. The attack was just over a month ago and I still cringe when I go outside. I take the bat with me to the mailbox, knowing if they attack me again, I may not be able to use it.

How long are the bad dreams going to keep happening?

I know this is an attack of the devil, using those dogs to shatter my security and safety. Heavenly Father has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.

Mine doesn’t feel too sound at the moment. This attack was the last straw, or at least feels like it.

How do I get past this?


Guest Post: Safety Tips for Dog Walkers


Safety Tips for Dog Walkers

  • Refresh on the basics. It’s important to follow basic safety tips when going out for a walk with your dog. Always wearing reflective or bright colored gear, avoid going for walks during early morning and late evening hours and staying in well-lit areas that are near houses or stores in case you need to yell for help can all help assist in keeping you safe.
  • Keep your guard up. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable groove if you take your dog for a walk on the same route every day, but assailants can choose any day to attack. It’s important to never get too comfortable, stay aware of your surroundings and trust your intuition if something feels off.
  • Exude the right body language. Confident body language signals that you’re a tough target can deter an attack before it begins. Hold a posture with your back straight and chin up. Keep a balanced stance and walk with a sense of destination. Make eye contact to show that you’re aware of who/what is around you. And, keep your hands out of clothing pockets.
  • Use assertive verbal skills. This reinforces confident body language and strength, and draws attention from bystanders. It can be accomplished by using short, clear, declarative statements. Volume can range from speaking firmly and clearly to yelling, depending on the situation.
  • Physical training is ideal. Practicing how to fend off an attacker will help you feel empowered, strong and confident and the more often you can train, the better. Training will not only give you the physical skills necessary to defend attacks but also increase the effectiveness of your body language and verbal skills.

About Krav Maga Worldwide

Founded in 1997 to promote Krav Maga throughout the United States and around the world, Krav Maga Worldwide trains and certifies instructors and licenses over 150 authorized Krav Maga Worldwide training centers in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, South America, and Europe, as well as over 800 law enforcement agencies and military units. Krav Maga offers the highest caliber of instruction to thousands of people, supporting the company’s core commitment to improving and saving lives. Krav Maga Worldwide continues to develop, promote and implement self-defense and fitness programs. For additional information, visit: www.kravmaga.com.

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Press Release: Rescue + Freedom Project

Rescue + Freedom Project


August 26 is National Dog Day.  Please visit the Rescue + Freedom Project to read about the great things these folks are doing to help dogs!

The following dogs are currently available for adoption.

Orange County, CA

CaliCali is a 2 year old female Shepherd mix we rescued from the meat trade in China. She was literally rescued from the slaughterhouse, hours perhaps moments before she would have been killed for someone’s next meal. Cali is extremely shy and it takes her a lot of time to warm up to someone new. She has not learnt to trust humans yet, but she is making slow steady progress in learning to trust people again. Cali would thrive in a home with another dog that likes to play, but also cuddle. She loves other dogs and loves playing with them. Her story is heartbreaking, but we have hope she will one day be confident enough to approach people re-assured they won’t hurt her ever again.

San Diego, CA

Tater_2Tater is a 5 LB, 11/2 year old male chihuahua we rescued from a very high kill shelter. Because the shelter staff and doctors believed he had something terrible medically wrong with him, they felt he could not be treated and were going to put him down. When we rescued Tater, we took him to many vet appointments and learnt that what he had wasn’t life treating at all! Tater has a thyroid condition and takes medication daily to regulate his thyroid, but he is expected to live a normal, healthy life! Tater is so tiny that he can fit into your purse, your boot, or just in your arms…right where he likes to be! Tater loves other dogs and helps his foster mom out at her doggie grooming salon! You might even see him dashing around with a brush in his mouth; Tater wants to help! …sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts!

New Mexico


Irish is an approximately 9 year old male beagle we rescued from an animal shelter in New Mexico. He was dumped at the shelter by a laboratory in Albuquerque after they had finished using him in testing. Sadly, he was returned to the shelter once for not being immediately housebroken and left outside for 6 months before he was surrendered back. Irish is loving freedom — he loves people and gets along well with other dogs! He is very lovable and super cuddly! Just look at that smile!

Murrieta, CA

LuluSweet Lulu is a 10 year old female beagle we rescued from a laboratory in China. We brought her to the U.S. to find her forever home! This special little girl is blind, but it doesn’t stop her from getting around and being your shadow! Lulu loves people and she loves other dogs. She is very docile and gentle. Lulu would thrive in a home with someone who has a flexible schedule, works from home, or is retired. She loves spending time outdoors!

Los Angeles, CA

PetuniaPetunia is a 4 year old female Staffordshire Terrier we rescued as a stray. She was tied up in direct sun to a pole with no name tag and no collar. Petunia is extremely friendly to people, but she prefers to be the only Queen in her kingdom. Petunia would thrive in a home with an adult couple or in a single family home. Petunia loves playing with toys. She has a lot of energy and wants to run around outside. This love bug wants all your attention to herself! She shows her love for you by licking you and nestling in your arms!

Press Release: U.S. Army Soldier on Mission to Bring Dog Back with Him from Middle East

A Soldier and Dog. Image Source Pixabay

U.S. Army Soldier on Mission to Bring Dog Back with Him from Middle East

One U.S. Army soldier is on a mission to save his dog and bring him home to Florida

New York, NY – (July 31, 2018) – While U.S. Army missions may be the stuff of top secret details, there is no hiding what is going on with the mission that one solder is on. Protecting his identity so that his security is not compromised, David is a U.S. Army soldier stationed in the Middle East who is on a mission to save a dog he befriended while being deployed. Not wanting to leave the dog behind after he leaves the Middle East, he reached out to Paws of War to see if they can help bring Rukban back to Florida with him. It’s a mission that Paws of War has helped numerous other soldiers with and that they have agreed to take on once again.

“Bringing a dog back from another part of the world like this is a true mission,” says Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “There is a lot that is involved in doing it, including the paperwork, travel and medical expenses, and more. It’s a mission that we cannot succeed at without the assistance of people in the community who want to help support those who help defend the country.”

While it may seem like a true mission impossible to bring a dog back from the Middle East, Paws of War is well experienced at helping soldiers successfully pull it off. Being left in the Middle East when David’s unit is sent home would most likely be a death sentence. It’s an area of the world that sees dogs as pests and doesn’t treat them kindly as a result. When David found the dog he named Rukban, he was hungry, thirsty, and injured. He had a fresh neck wound and someone had previously cut his ears off, a common abuse toward dogs in that area.

Immediately going into action, David gave the dog food, water, and got it medical attention. He created a strong bond with Rukban as he nursed him back to health. Military protocol does not allow for soldiers to bring dogs back home with them, so David reached out to Paws of War for assistance.

“Rukban has been such a blessing to me while being in the Middle East,” says David. “I can’t imagine leaving him behind and what would become of him. Being able to bring him home to Florida with me would be amazing. I’m grateful that an organization like Paws of War exists to help with this mission, and I’m humbled that so many citizens give them the support they need to make it happen.”

Those who would like to a donation to help keep David and Rukban together, and help keep Rukban from being further abused, can log online to make a donation: https://pawsofwar.networkforgood.com/projects/56176-rukban.

Paws of War is an organization that focuses on serving veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. They are an all-volunteer organization that provides assistance to military members and their pets, and provides service and service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD. To learn more about Paws of War or make a donation to support their efforts, visit their site at: www.pawsofwar.org.

About Paws of War

Paws of War is a 501c3 organization devoted to helping both animals and veterans. The Paws of War goal is to train and place shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our United States military veterans that suffer from the emotional effects of war such as PTSD. In turn each veteran can experience the therapeutic and unconditional love only a companion animal can bring. To learn more about Paws of War, visit the site at  www.pawsofwar.org.

Book Review: Isosceles’ Day by Kevin J. Meehan

Isosceles’ Day by Kevin J. Meehan

Isosceles’ Day by Kevin J. Meehan is a cute book about a formerly abused dog and the animal friends that he meets at his new home.

This book is written in rhyme and was very hard for me to read without thinking of Dr. Seuss, who I enjoy very much. For most of the rhyming pages, the flow was very smooth. One or two didn’t quite work, but the images more than make up for that. The images are great! I love the lizard with the peas especially.

Meehan did an excellent job with the rhyming and the illustrations. I think any young child (and grown-up, too!) will enjoy reading about Isosceles’ Day.

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Book Review: Doodled Cats: Dozens of Clever Doodling Exercises & Ideas for Cat People by Gemma Correll

Doodled Cats: Dozens of Clever Doodling Exercises & Ideas for Cat People by Gemma Correll

Doodled Cats: Dozens of Clever Doodling Exercises & Ideas for Cat People by Gemma Correll is a cute little book about ways to draw cats.

The book is divided into four sections. Part 1 is All About Cats and has fun-fact type information, including 20 Signs You’re a Cat Person. This had us really laughing!

Part 2 gives us step-by-step instructions on how to doodle a cat. The examples are very basic and we think most folks will be able to follow their examples and make some really cute cat doodles.

Part 3 is like a kitty fashion show in that it shows doodled cats in various hats and outfits to help inspire you in your own doodling.

Part 4 is a template section to help you get started with your own doodles.

Doodled Cats is a fun little book. There are 160 pages, but it is a very short and funny book. We think that it will bring a smile to the faces of most cat lovers out there.

And, for you dog lovers, they also have a dog version called Doodled Dogs!

Both are available for pre-order right now on Amazon.com. Release date is 26 June 2018.

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Book Review: One Dog’s Faith: How My Dog Helped Me Trust in God and Overcome Chronic Worrying by Tom Baker

One Dog’s Faith: How My Dog Helped Me Trust in God and Overcome Chronic Worrying by Tom Baker

Rarely does one find an inspirational book entertain as much as One Dog’s Faith: How My Dog Helped Me Trust in God and Overcome Chronic Worrying by Tom Baker

In this book, we follow Mango the dog as she teaches her readers all about faith. You have heard about the faith of a child. Mango tells her readers about the faith of a dog.

Baker has a good sense of humor and treats us to what the world might look like through the eyes of a dog. Mango tells her readers about how her owner, Tom, learned to “Let go and let God.”

Throughout the book, Mango helps us to see how we, just like Tom, can give our troubles to God and sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you are struggling with faith, are at what you feel is the lowest of the low spots, you need to read One Dog’s Faith and see how one dog, and her family, learned to lean on God.

We give One Dog’s Faith all five stars. It is funny, well-written, inspired, and magical. We see how Tom goes from worrying all the time to saying in his mind, “I wonder how God is going to take care of this.” This book is truly inspirational.

We were sent a complimentary copy of this book. We are under no obligation to write any review, positive or negative.

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