Book Review: Franklin: The Man behind the United States Commando Dogs by Matthew Duffy

Franklin: The Man behind the United States Commando Dogs by Matthew Duffy

If you are a dog person, you will love Franklin: The Man behind the United States Commando Dogs by Matthew Duffy.

If you are a military person, you will love this book as well.  It is very hard to believe that this is the first book of this type that Matthew Duffy has written.

Duffy has written books about dog training in his career.  As a matter of fact, it appears that Duffy is one of the top dog trainers in the country.  However, he tells the story of Jeff Franklin and his dogs so well that you just can’t put the book down.

So far this year we have read over 225 books.  If we had to choose one “Best Book” we could not do that.  However, there is no doubt that Franklin would make it into the top ten along with Code Name Papa books one and two.

Duffy tells you several dog stories that are just riveting.  When we saw the name of one of the chapters, “Dog Down”, we were on the edge of our seats.  I, David, could not tell that story to our other reviewers here at Manian Debil Productions without tearing up.

Franklin is a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine.  Our family is strong military. Our Marine likes to tell his Navy sibling that the Marines are a department of the Navy, the MENS Department.  Once you read Franklin, you will know why that is so.

Have yourself a potty break, grab yourself a comfortable chair, make a pot of coffee, and prepare to sit in place for a while because you won’t be able to put Franklin down. Go on, we dare you.  Just try to put it down for long. You will pick it right back up.

If you can only read one book this year, you should make it Franklin.  It is hands down one of the best.

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