Press Release: Rescue + Freedom Project

Rescue + Freedom Project


August 26 is National Dog Day.  Please visit the Rescue + Freedom Project to read about the great things these folks are doing to help dogs!

The following dogs are currently available for adoption.

Orange County, CA

CaliCali is a 2 year old female Shepherd mix we rescued from the meat trade in China. She was literally rescued from the slaughterhouse, hours perhaps moments before she would have been killed for someone’s next meal. Cali is extremely shy and it takes her a lot of time to warm up to someone new. She has not learnt to trust humans yet, but she is making slow steady progress in learning to trust people again. Cali would thrive in a home with another dog that likes to play, but also cuddle. She loves other dogs and loves playing with them. Her story is heartbreaking, but we have hope she will one day be confident enough to approach people re-assured they won’t hurt her ever again.

San Diego, CA

Tater_2Tater is a 5 LB, 11/2 year old male chihuahua we rescued from a very high kill shelter. Because the shelter staff and doctors believed he had something terrible medically wrong with him, they felt he could not be treated and were going to put him down. When we rescued Tater, we took him to many vet appointments and learnt that what he had wasn’t life treating at all! Tater has a thyroid condition and takes medication daily to regulate his thyroid, but he is expected to live a normal, healthy life! Tater is so tiny that he can fit into your purse, your boot, or just in your arms…right where he likes to be! Tater loves other dogs and helps his foster mom out at her doggie grooming salon! You might even see him dashing around with a brush in his mouth; Tater wants to help! …sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts!

New Mexico


Irish is an approximately 9 year old male beagle we rescued from an animal shelter in New Mexico. He was dumped at the shelter by a laboratory in Albuquerque after they had finished using him in testing. Sadly, he was returned to the shelter once for not being immediately housebroken and left outside for 6 months before he was surrendered back. Irish is loving freedom — he loves people and gets along well with other dogs! He is very lovable and super cuddly! Just look at that smile!

Murrieta, CA

LuluSweet Lulu is a 10 year old female beagle we rescued from a laboratory in China. We brought her to the U.S. to find her forever home! This special little girl is blind, but it doesn’t stop her from getting around and being your shadow! Lulu loves people and she loves other dogs. She is very docile and gentle. Lulu would thrive in a home with someone who has a flexible schedule, works from home, or is retired. She loves spending time outdoors!

Los Angeles, CA

PetuniaPetunia is a 4 year old female Staffordshire Terrier we rescued as a stray. She was tied up in direct sun to a pole with no name tag and no collar. Petunia is extremely friendly to people, but she prefers to be the only Queen in her kingdom. Petunia would thrive in a home with an adult couple or in a single family home. Petunia loves playing with toys. She has a lot of energy and wants to run around outside. This love bug wants all your attention to herself! She shows her love for you by licking you and nestling in your arms!