Product Review: Spider by LeShop

Spider by LeShop

Most people plan all year round for how they will decorate their homes for different holiday celebrations.

Face it, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all come so close together one has to plan far in advance to work it all out.

We ordered this Spider from the LeShop so we could plan some of our holiday decorating. Once we had this creature, we began to think of other things we could do with it. We could put a pilgrim hat on her for Thanksgiving. We could add a Santa hat for Christmas. We could dress her up like cupid for Valentines Day and put a leprechaun hat on her for Saint Patrick’s Day.

This spider is really soft, kind of like a cat. You may find yourself petting it just like you would a cat. This spider is very poseable and just plain fun.

We give this Spider from the LEShop all five stars. We anticipate loads of fun with it, like we have with Hamlet.

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