Book Review: Carissa’s Law by Misty Boyd

Carissa’s Law by Misty Boyd

Carissa’s Law by Misty Boyd is a touching book about the life of a girl born with spina bifida.

The story starts with her first day of college and all the adventure that moment brings into one’s life. In this case, from the viewpoint of one living life in a wheelchair.

This book struck a chord with me as I had a family member who was born with spina bifida, as was the author of Carissa’s Law.

As you make your way through this novel, there are moments of laughter and moments of tears. There are also moments that made me so mad about how the expectant parents and their babies were treated that I could have screamed!

Carissa’s Law is about understanding that all life is precious and worthy. In a wheelchair or out of it, people are people with hopes and dreams that they should be allowed to achieve.

It is about the dedication of one girl to make things better for those with spina bifida and for disabled people.

It is a fight for truth.

Carissa seeks to require the medical community to update their knowledge in regards to spina bifida, as well as telling parents the truth about the prognosis.

I really enjoyed this book and hope that you will, too.

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