Press Release: Houston’s Commitment to Disaster Relief Shines in Third Round of Grant Applications Opening to Artists and Nonprofits

Houston’s Commitment to Disaster Relief Shines in Third Round of Grant Applications Opening to Artists and Nonprofits

(HARF Grant Recipient Brian Ellison at Project Row Houses)

Houston, TX, April 26, 2018-  In the artistic communities hit hardest by Harvey, relief can be as simple as a new theater wardrobe and as critical as replacing revenue lost from cancelled performances. Recent months have seen Houston rallying around the vulnerable arts professions to restore what was lost irreparably to the hurricane. The Harvey Arts Recovery Fund (HARF) has launched a third and final round of grants to keep artists and arts and culture organizations on their feet, an intervention essential to preserving the place of creative expression in Houston’s vibrant social fabric.

The application for the third round of grant will be open from April 19 to May 11, 2018 and awards will be distributed in late May. The application can be found at

HARF supports Houston artists, performers, musicians, writers, and arts and culture organizations in need of disaster assistance. Applicants to the second round of HARF funding reported staggering need, with 92% reporting losses for opportunities to teach, perform or show their work and 68% confirming a loss of necessary tools or equipment to make their art. Since launching in the fall of last year, HARF has awarded more than $84,000 to local artists and arts, heritage and cultural organizations who suffered personal and professional losses due to Hurricane Harvey.

“The support of just knowing that there is a group out there that believes in the arts in Houston and that wants to see us all get back on our feet, that means a lot in a lot of other ways and we are thankful for that,” said Shannon Emerick, Director of Marketing and Communications at Main Street Theater and 2018 Grant Organization Recipient.

Individuals and nonprofit institutional applicants that are 18 years and older must be able to demonstrate, through appropriate documentation, their cultural or artistic practice and how they pursue this creative mission professionally. They must also prove that their artistic practice was negatively impacted by Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey. So long as both the need and the reasoning behind the need are clearly present, HARF will not restrict the use of funds to any purpose or category. Those who received funding in the first or second rounds of grants are not eligible to apply this  time.

HARF was created as a volunteer collaboration among multiple organizations to meet the substantial needs of the Houston arts and cultural sector during Hurricane Harvey. Funds were raised with the support of local nonprofits, donations through the online advocacy platform and seed money provided by the Houston Endowment. Creatives within a 10-county region of Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazoria, Galveston, Liberty, Waller, Chambers, Austin and San Jacinto have been able to apply for funding since the fall of last year.

Members of the Local Action Group manage the Fund with leadership provided by Galveston Historical Foundation, Fresh Arts, Dance Source Houston, CultureWorks Greater Houston, The Center for Arts and Social Engagement at the University of Houston, Houston Arts Alliance and the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of Houston.

Recovery for the Houston arts and cultural community is an ongoing process. To help individual artists and small to medium-sized arts, culture and heritage organizations, please donate to Harvey Arts Recovery Fund at