Book Review: Eat Cake. Be Brave. By Melissa Radke

Eat Cake. Be Brave. By Melissa Radke

Eat Cake. Be Brave. by Melissa Radke is totally hilarious. The author has a sense of humor that just won’t quit. She made me laugh, REALLY laugh.

It is also incredibly sad. I don’t mean just a little sad, but deep down in your soul sad. The kind that brings up tears that have been buried for so long you thought they’d gone. But, you know they haven’t because they are now soaking everything in sight.

I can relate to the life Melissa has lived in so many ways. Like, questioning Heavenly Father on why He’d give us a talent or desire, but put obstacles in our way that prevent us from fully realizing that talent or desire. Or, answering our prayers, and then taking our heart’s desire from us.  I’ve been there, on both counts. It hurts.

People don’t make this life any easier, with their judgements of us. They judge us on something so shallow as our looks, not seeing that true beauty is what lies within us. They think we are unworthy to use our God-given talents because we aren’t one of the “beautiful people”.

Melissa is done playing that game. She tries to instill in us that it doesn’t matter what people say about us or how they judge us. Their thoughts about us don’t matter. What matters is what Heavenly Father thinks. He made us in His image and loves us, regardless of our physical attributes or lack thereof.

In the midst of all the laughter and the tears, Melissa’s message is clear: He doesn’t make junk. Don’t let other people control how you feel about yourself. He can use you in His kingdom. Live the life He gave you to live loud and proud, giving glory to Him.

And, most definitely, eat the cake! Don’t be afraid to be YOU!

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