Book Review: The Curiosity Muscle by Andy Fromm and Diana Kander

The Curiosity Muscle by Andy Fromm and Diana Kander

When a front line employee tells you, “It is corporate policy”, they mean, “We think it is stupid, too”.

The book The Curiosity Muscle by Andy Fromm and Diana Kander presents an excellent case regarding listening to your customers and your employees before corporate issues a new policy.

This book is interesting and engaging up until page 159, where the former owner of the company makes a statement that stops the flow of the entire book in its tracks. This statement really isn’t within the context of the rest of the book. It never really gets back on the rails after that.

This was sort of like when a high school class has that one shining example of a teacher who is respected by all. Then, for no apparent reason, completely out of context, they utter one foul word. You never hear them utter another word of profanity but, the whole tone of the class is changed forever more.

Overall, the lesson taught by The Curiosity Muscle is very important and spot on. We see what is happening at both Amazon and Walmart. It explains why both are struggling and losing ground, but continue to make a profit. Both have lost sight of their customers.

If you are in leadership or management you may wish to add this tool to your toolbox.

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