Book Review: The Siren Chronicles – Book 1 By Douglas J. Sloan

The Siren Chronicles – Book 1 By Douglas J. Sloan

Imagine being ordered away as you see someone devouring your parents. Or, walking along the beach and finding someone practically on death’s door, covered in seaweed. Or, waking up in a frat house with people staring at and pawing on you. Or, crying in a cave.

Imagine a whole lot more than that! The Siren Chronicles by Douglas J. Sloan offers a great deal of excitement as three mermaids embark on their earth quest. Each one faces challenges as they learn to maneuver themselves on land and deal with humans.

One of them gets the answer to something that has haunted her since childhood.

All three get a taste of evil that will take every ounce of their strength to defeat. Can they do it? They have to. Their underwater world depends on it.

I enjoyed The Siren Chronicles immensely. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to read Book 2!

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