Press Release: Citizens Disability Takes a Personalized and Specialized Team Approach to the Social Security Disability Claims Process


Citizens Disability Takes a Personalized and Specialized Team Approach to the Social Security Disability Claims Process

Consumer Advocacy Group Helping Disabled Workers Fight for

and Receive the SSDI Benefits They Deserve


CitizenDisability Image.jpg

Waltham, Mass. – October 2018 – With almost two-thirds of Social Security Disability applicants being denied benefits, many who have been paying into the system for years and are truly deserving of such benefits give up the fight. Citizens Disability is picking up the battle axe on their behalf. An advocacy group for people who are struggling to obtain SSDI benefits, Citizens Disability is changing the benefits landscape by helping individuals navigate the large, impersonal and denial-heavy government system.

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) study showed that “claimants who had representatives, such as an attorney…were allowed benefits at a rate nearly 3 times higher than those without representatives.”  Additionally, according to the Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, 2016, “The final award rate for disabled-worker applicants has varied over time, averaging 34 percent for claims filed from 2006 through 2015. When only first-time applications are considered, the award rates become even worse. “The percentage of applicants awarded benefits at the initial claims level averaged only 23 percent.” Once denied, many individuals who take on the daunting application process drop out of the fray, and with good reason.

Operating under the slogan of “All we do is fight for you,” Citizens Disability increases these dismal approval odds considerably. By dedicating a Citizens Disability advocate to each individual aspect of the claim procedure, the advocacy group simplifies the complicated application process. This personalized approach to filing a claim ensures a highly trained individual is dedicated to each aspect of the application.

“Unlike the traditional approach in which a caseworker is assigned dozens, even hundreds, of applicants and then handles all phases of the process, we take a phase-by-phase approach,” explains Andrew Youngman, Chief Executive Officer of Citizens Disability. “In doing so, our clientele receive access to an initial filing specialist. They are then passed down the chain to another professional and then another who guides them through every aspect of the claim.”

What does this differentiated approach mean for Citizens Disability’s clients? Most importantly, it results in increased odds of disabled workers winning the Social Security benefits they have earned. In turn, deserving applicants can address their health concerns without the added fear of how they are going to survive and thus get on with their lives.

To learn more about Citizens Disability, please visit Interested media may arrange a meeting with company management by calling 512-777-8602.



Press Release: Chi Chi the Rescue Dog // GoFundMe

ChiChi the Rescue Dog

Campaign Description
Chi Chi is a 4 year old female Golden Retriever that was rescued in South Korea after being found in a trash bag with her legs bound. In order to save her life, portions of all four of her legs had to be amputated. She now lives in the USA, is able to walk, run and play when wearing her custom prosthetics and is a certified Therapy Dog.

Chi Chi has faced far too many medical issues for one dog during her short life. In addition to being a quadruple amputee, she has Lupus, Hypothyroidism and has battled 3 types of cancer (Nasal Cancer, 4 Mast Cell Tumors,   & Thyroid Cancer) and has side effects from the cancer treatments. The past several months have been very difficult medically for Chi Chi and have resulted in our family seeking care from a variety of specialists in order to provide her the best care possible. Our family and the team of veterinarians helping to care for Chi Chi are focused on giving her the best life possible. She remains happy and smiling and we are committed to providing her the best care possible as long as she continues to fight and maintain her incredible will to live, despite the challenges she faces every day.

Our family has spent more than $20,000 on Chi Chi from mid-August to mid-October 2018 on the following medical treatments:
Chi Chi has experienced significant inflammation in her brain since mid-August, resulting in ongoing neurological care, 2 MRI’s, bloodwork, medication and regular Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments in order to manage the post radiation necrosis and edema in her brain. She had her first seizure on 10/11/18 and started new medication and treatment to help control and minimize the seizures.

She had another Mast Cell Tumor removed in September and also spent 2 days in the emergency vet for gastroenteritis and elevated liver enzymes. Chi Chi has lost all vision in her right eye and has been experiencing other vision issues requiring the ongoing care of an ophthalmologist.

Chi Chi has ongoing challenges associated with her amputations and receives regular cold laser therapy to promote blood flow and healing in her limbs and needs medications and treatments to manage the sores she develops from wearing her prosthetics.

Chi Chi has an integrated treatment plan that includes both traditional and holistic treatments. She has an internal medicine veterinarian that helps manage her overall treatment plan. Chi Chi takes a number of traditional and Chinese medications to manage her medical conditions.

We are grateful for everyone who is able to donate to help with Chi Chi’s medical costs. Any donation amount is appreciated, and please only donate if you are able to. Chi Chi and our family wouldn’t want anyone to be in a financial hardship because of donating to help with her medical care.

Press Release: 88,000+ Campers Become ‘Strong’ in Christ at 771 Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camps This Summer

88,000+ Campers Become ‘Strong’ in Christ at 771 Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camps This Summer

Eternal Impact for Christ Made, as 88,317 Coaches and Athletes Attend Hundreds of FCA Camps in 43 States and 50 Countries

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—There is strength in numbers.

That’s certainly true of Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ (FCA, popular and life-changing 2018 Camps program.

For the successful 2018 season, FCA welcomed 88,317 coaches and athletes who attended 771 Camps in 43 states across the country and 50 nations around the world.

This summer’s FCA Camps season impacted and transformed lives through outstanding competition and spiritual growth, with the 2018 Camps theme of “Strong,” based on the Bible verse 2 Timothy 4:7: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.”


“We are so thankful to God for the life-changing impact experienced at hundreds of FCA Camps this summer,” said FCA President and CEO Shane Williamson. “Transforming the world for Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes has been a central focus of FCA since 1954. Now, more than six decades later, we are still humbled to hear from those whose lives were changed through FCA Camps, and we pray this amazing Camps experience will continue for many years to come so even more can make a difference for Jesus through the sports they love.”

This summer, in addition to those who deepened their faith at FCA Camps, 5,097 campers also made first-time commitments to Christ, and 9,819 recommitted their lives to the Lord.

For the immensely successful and popular Camps ministry, FCA takes the best attributes of both athletic- and spiritual-focused camp events and combines them into an athletic/spiritual experience like none other. Camps also remove athletes and coaches from the routine of their sport, friends, co-workers and community, and place them into an exciting, healthy, athletic environment allowing them to pursue their passion for sport and clearly see and hear Christ’s passion for them.

Competitors who wanted to reach their potential through comprehensive athletic, spiritual and leadership training attended a variety of camps, which include Sports Camps, Leadership Camps, Coaches Camps, Power Camps, Team Camps and Partnership Camps. Learn more through FCA’s 2018 digital Camps impact report.

FCA is also gearing up for its 15th annual student-led and student-driven Fields of Faith events on Oct. 10, where student-athletes, coaches, parents and community members will worship together, hear from inspiring speakers, pray and commit to Bible reading at upwards of 500 gatherings on athletic fields in the U.S. and globally.

Last fall, thousands of lives were changed eternally on 521 fields across the country, as the 2017 event set a new record with 198,000 in attendance. Even more important, 6,213 made first-time faith commitments, 5,015 recommitted their lives to Christ, and 6,494 committed to reading their Bible.

Those interested in bringing Fields of Faith to their area may visit for more information on how to host a field event, sign up to attend a field or register a field. For details on how to become involved with FCA on campus, or to start an FCA presence at school, visit

Read more about FCA here. For more information about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, visit FCA’s web site at, its Facebook page at or its Twitter feed @fcanews.

Press Release: Paws of War Receives Donation, Aims to Help More Veterans with New Location


Paws of War Receives Donation, Aims to Help More Veterans with New Location

Paws of War will be able to help many more veterans and first responders in their new larger location thanks to community

New York, NY – (October 4, 2018) – Paws of War, an organization that helps veterans and first responders to obtain and train companion and service dogs, is moving to a new, larger location. The new location will help them provide their important services to more veterans and first responders. One local construction company, NDA Construction, lead a community effort that made all the difference. The new Paws of War location will be at 127-6 Smithtown Blvd in Nesconset, New York. They are in the same shopping center, but will now be in a new location within it. The public is invited to attend a grand opening event on Friday, October 19, 2018 at 11:00 am. Refreshments and a light lunch will be served.

“We have long outgrown our space and it was preventing us from helping more people,” explains Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “We are so grateful that NDA Construction and the community of sub contractors they brought on have stepped up to make it possible for us have a larger and more functional space. Their donation of time and resources has made it possible for us to help many more veterans and first responders. We couldn’t have made this move without their kind donation.”

The new space will be 3,400 square feet, which is double the size of the old location. It has been built out to provide more areas that will be used to help veterans during their training sessions. The group will now also be able to help those veterans and first responders who are wheelchair-bound or who use scooters. Their prior space was not sufficient for those in wheelchairs to properly participate in the training programs.

NDA Construction and its sister company NDA Kitchens have veterans working for them. The company is owned by Ed Rowland, who started it in 1992. Since that time, they have built a solid reputation for building and design. Through NDA Kitchens, they offer custom kitchen remodeling in the Long Island area.

“It would have been a real financial strain for Paws of War to try to move to a larger facility without receiving some assistance from a builder,” explained Rowland. “We believe in what they are doing and wanted to step up and help make it easier for them to continue doing it on a larger scale. We’re helping them, but then in turn they are helping people who have given a lot for all of us.”

Since the organization started in 2014, they have supported over 100 veterans with service dogs that were rescued from kill shelters and given the proper training. They have rescued 455 dogs from kill shelters and have graduated 102 dogs from the training program. Their mission is to help veterans and first responders who are in need of service dogs, whether for emotional issues, PTSD, depression, or for physical conditions. The new location will make it easier for them to help even more be able to get the assistance they need.

“I started in the program over a year ago,” says William Wurm, who is retired from the US Army and served in Iraq. “And now we are busting at the seams. This new space is going to be so ideal for all of us who make Paws of War a second home.”

Paws of War is an all-volunteer organization that provides assistance to military members and their pets and provides service and service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD. To learn more about Paws of War or make a donation to support their efforts, visit their site at:

About Paws of War

Paws of War is a 501c3 organization devoted to helping both animals and veterans. The Paws of War goal is to train and place shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our United States military veterans that suffer from the emotional effects of war such as PTSD. In turn each veteran can experience the therapeutic and unconditional love only a companion animal can bring. To learn more about Paws of War, visit the site at


Image Source: Pixabay

Press Release: You Complete Me Giveaway


You Complete Me Giveaway

For parents-to-be, their world is about to flip upside down as they enter a new stage in life. From diapers to bottles, there are countless products that parents will need to prepare for their new addition. Luckily, nanobébé, leader in the breastfeeding market, is currently holding a social media contest to help alleviate the mounting stress of parents-to-be before their little one arrives!

Starting today, and for the next 6 weeks, nanobébé welcomes all expecting parents to register for nanobébé products to officially “complete their registry.” At the end of the contest, one winner will be awarded up to $2,000 toward their baby registry! This is definitely one contest you, and your readers, don’t want to miss!

Hey Moms-To-Be Here’s how to enter:

  • Like nanobebe’s Contest Post on Instagram
  • Add a nanobébé product to your baby registry at @Target, @Amazon, and @buybuybaby (can be done in store or online)
  • Share a photo on social media (screenshot of nanobébé on your registry)
  • Tag @nanobebe_world in the post and use hashtags #YouCompleteMe and #nanobebe within the caption of the post


Press Release: Loss Is A Four-Letter Word A Bereavement Boot Camp for the Widowed

Loss Is A Four-Letter Word

A Bereavement Boot Camp for the Widowed

By Carole Brody Fleet

“Carole Brody Fleet is forthright in dealing with many of the difficult issues surrounding widowhood, demonstrating that you do not have to live in your past. It’s not an either-or situation. She teaches the important lesson that you can incorporate your previous life into a new life.”

—Jane Brody, personal health columnist, The New York Times

Deerfield Beach, FL, September 11, 2018 — No widow or widower look exactly the same. No widowhood looks exactly the same. Therefore, no healing journey or timeline is an identical experience. The word “loss” contains only four letters, but its size belies the amount of fear it produces at even its mere mention. Even more terrifying and enormous is the reality of loss–specifically, the loss of a spouse.

Widowhood has the capacity to keep those affected from moving forward into a new and fulfilling life. The loss of a spouse is frightening. The call for relatable and actionable direction and advice remains a very real need for the widowed community, and that is just what Loss is a Four-Letter Word offers. Award-winning author Carole Brody Fleet personally experienced the pain and grief as a young widow and mother; leaving her and her 9-year-old daughter alone. Loss is a Four-Letter Word shows readers a way out, a way to move forward– not “get over”–their most profound loss in positive ways. Fleet combines no-nonsense, direct advice with specific, boot-camp style “assignments” that are framed with compassion and humor to help them through a most challenging life-journey.

A short sample of the Bereavement Boot Camp Lessons:

  •    Lesson One: I’m Still Here
  •    Lesson Two: “My Healing Journey Is Mine”
  •    Lesson Three: Stop Putting Off Proactivity
  •    Lesson Four: “I Turn to… Who?”
  •    Lesson Five: Put Your Tits on Your Back
  •    Lesson Six: Get Up, Get Moving… Get Out!
  •    Lesson Seven: It’s Your Turn
  •    Lesson Eight: Past, Present, and Future: You Can Have All Three

Loss is a Four-Letter Word gives readers help without reproach, education without lecture, and support without judgment, condition, or negative opinion. All of which provides a necessary light during such devastating times. Fleet tells them, “Because while our spouses may have departed this earth, we are still here. And we matter too.”

About the Author:

Carole Brody Fleet is the award-winning author of When Bad Things Happen to Good Women, Happily EVEN After, and Widows Wear Stilettos. Widely recognized as America’s go-to expert on life adversity and grief recovery, Ms. Fleet is also a three-time contributor to the iconic Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, as well as a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and to Ms. Fleet is also a popular motivational speaker and with her inimitable message of “What Now and What Next?” Ms. Fleet offers practical, emotional, and even humorous guidance to the millions who have experienced any kind of loss or challenge in their lives.

Loss Is A Four-Letter Word: A Bereavement Boot Camp for the Widowed
By Carole Brody Fleet
ISBN: 9780757321214
September 2018

Available wherever books are sold or to order directly from the publisher, contact:
(800) 441-5569 or

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Trail Life USA – Let Boys Be Boys

Outdoor Adventure Group Book Arms Parents,
Teachers in Cultural ‘War on Boyhood’

 As interest spikes in youth programs this fall, Trail Life USA
leader challenges PC thinking

BELTON, S.C.— With interest in enrollment in extra-curricular programs spiking nationwide as children return to school, Trail Life USA ( has released a special e-book outlining the unique learning and development needs of young males. 

Political correctness is failing America’s boys, according to the outdoor adventure organization that has published the guide urging parents, teachers and youth leaders to support single-sex activities that can help raise a generation of true men.

In a free eBook available for download, titled Let Boys Be BoysTrail Life CEO Mark Hancock warns contemporary culture has “seemingly declared war on boyhood.” But boyhood is not “some sort of social disease that needs to be eradicated,” he insists.

That message is resonating with many parents. The Christ-centered boy-focused outdoor adventure program that develops character and leadership has seen heightened interest from prospective members and volunteer leaders since the Boy Scouts of America announced last year it would be admitting girls to its programs.

Let Boys Be Boys warns that “PC” attitudes have led to boys failing educationally, with what was long considered normal boyish behavior being labeled as symptoms of ADHD. It sets out three strategies for leaders of boys that challenge the prevailing idea that boys and girls aren’t that different.

Drawing from research showing biological differences that impact the way boys learn—such as their reduced ability to distinguish shapes and colors, making coloring and handwriting less appealing—the guide encourages more hands-on activities.

He also advocates programs that involve boys in physical activity, because “they thrive in kinesthetic learning environments,” and need opportunities for risk and competition. The everybody-wins philosophy that has become so prevalent, “leads to the development of unproductive narcissists,” Hancock says. “They are unproductive because we haven’t sufficiently challenged them, and they are narcissists because we haven’t let them fail.”

Schools and organizations that are providing separate learning environments for boys and girls are seeing great results, he notes in Let Boys Be Boys. He cites a high school in Memphis that has raised its graduation rate to 90.5 percent from 53 percent after converting to boys-only and girls-only classes.

“As leaders of boys in schools, home schools, churches, and youth organizations, we must recognize and affirm their unique strengths and challenges,” Hancock writes. “We are positioned to instill the principles and character traits that can prepare boys to become successful, focused men.”

Through troops chartered by local churches, Trail Life USA offers a K-12 program centered on outdoor experiences that build young men’s skills and help them grow on a personal level and as role models and leaders for their peers.

Founded in 2013, Trail Life USA has more than 25,000 members in more than 770 Troops in 49 states and is anticipating heightened seasonal interest from potential members and leaders. The organization has added more than 50 Troops in the past 60 days, and new memberships are being added at double the rate experienced last year.

Many Trail Life USA Troops around the country are planning special open house events for visitors this fall. Local Troop details are available at

Trail Life USA ( is a Christian outdoor adventure, character and leadership program for boys and young men, K-12. Chartered through churches in 49 states, the program centers on outdoor experiences and biblical values that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers. 

Press Release: A Walk With Grace







A Prodigal Son Returns Home To The Heartland… to Find More Grace Than He Bargained For!

Los Angeles, CA (August 31, 2018) – The trailer and poster for writer/director Nick Kellis’ faith-based romantic drama A Walk with Grace, starring David Lee Smith (Fight Cub, Zodiac, A Walk to Remember), Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects, The Flyboys, Born on the Fourth of July), Jason London (Dazed and Confused, Out Cold), Ashley Bratcher (War Room, 90 Minutes in Heaven), was released today, announced producers Lance Paul (Secret Life of Pets, Crepitus), April Kennedy (Life in Reverse), and Kellis (LA Ink, Trading Spouses). A Walk With Grace was filmed on location in Lima, OH.

 Direct trailer link:

A Walk with Grace accomplished everything we set out to do. My goal was to make a faith friendly film with crossover appeal to mainstream audiences seeking good, quality, filmed family entertainment. Grace is a beautifully shot film with excellent production values which shows the majestic beauty that is the Heartland. We are lucky to have such an accomplished cast of experienced stars with huge audience appeal, along with the young new talent, to bring Nick’s story to life.   I look forward to sharing Grace with audiences,” said Lance Paul.

Image 1 - A Walk With Grace Poster

The faith-based film is produced under the banners of Paul’s Ginger Knight Entertainment (Crepitus, Life in Reverse) and Kellis’s Flyover State Productions.
A Walk with Grace also stars Yorke Fryer (Extinct, Accepted), Mishka Calderon (Christmas in Hollywood), Ian Grey (Winner of Lifetime’s The Pop Game with Timbaland), Joe Estevez (Turning Point, Not Another B Movie), Lance Paul (90210, Dark Roads 79), Austin St. John (Power Rangers), and Nicole Dambro (Pitchfork).

Image 2 - A Walk With Grace - Father Son
Music cures all in the film
A Walk With Grace as father and son, Pastor Tom (Jason London) and Luke (Ian Grey), strike up a spontaneous guitar jam at Vino Bellisimo in the Lima, Ohio Heartland!

“I’m blessed to make my debut as a feature film director on a family with faith film about the town where I grew up. It was supercharged with a strong cast of experienced actors like Stephen Baldwin, Jason London, David Lee Smith, Cindy Pickett and Joe Estevez, alongside rising talent that included Ashley Bratcher, Lance Paul, Yorke Fryer, Austin St John, Mishka Calderon and Ian Grey,” said Kellis. “It was a true artistic collaboration in the heartland. My favorite  comment from a family at a test screening here in Ohio was their elation, that they finally had a film that both their eight-year-old and college graduate daughters could watch together, laugh and cry, and see a reflection of what matters most, here in what they call the flyover states ,” added Kellis.

Image 3 - A Walk With Grace - Nate Eulogizes
Nate (David Lee Smith) eulogizes his mother against a stained glass frieze of Christ in the Garden, in the film A Walk With Grace.

A Walk With Grace, a romantic drama, is a retelling of the Prodigal Son, set in the contemporary Heartland, the week leading up to Easter. This Family Film with Faith shows the values and attitudes that make Middle America unique and are showcased with a touch of comedy, featuring a multi-cultural, multi-generational cast with elements designed to appeal to overseas English-speaking, Latin and Chinese movie markets.

Image 4 - A Walk With Grace - Kiss
In the film A Walk With, Grace Nate (David Lee Smith) and Grace (Ashley Bratcher) sneak a kiss before a stained glass window in the church stairwell; courtesy of Trinity United Methodist Church, Lima Ohio.

In A Walk With Grace, when his mother dies the week before Easter, widowed hotshot LA exec Nate Lassiter and his head- strong Latina daughter Chloe must finally return to his hometown in Ohio, where he faces the daunting task of signing away his family’s factory. Nate will collide with his spitfire cousin-with-a-grudge he forced to run the factory when he left years before, a labor-strike lead by a high school wrestling buddy, and a legal battle over the factory sale – brought on by the girl he left behind, Grace. Forced to search his soul and embrace his past, in rediscovering with his hometown Nate just might reconnect – with his Grace!

Image 5 - A Walk With Grace - Community
Duane (Austin St. John) fist bumps Old Timer Dale (Joe Estevez) in the factory; location courtesy of Diamond Manufacturing in Bluffton Ohio, in the film
A Walk With Grace

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NASHVILLE, Tenn (August 17, 2018) – Follow, the latest release from beloved singer/songwriter Mark Schultz is available today. This is the first full project from the beloved artist in six years and it’s evident that music fans have been waiting for this music. The release rapidly climbed the iTunes Christian & Gospel albums chart, spending the day in the Top 10 of releases.

Early praise of the project has begun, with saying “Mark Schultz is to contemporary Christian music (CCM) what Elton John and Billy Joel are to pop music.  Schultz has an effortless way of incorporating the piano into his pop-centric songs that the piano becomes a dueting “voice.” As a result, you can always count on Schultz’s brilliant arpeggios to bring out emotions and nuances often not communicated by the human voice. Over time, Schultz’s songs have enjoyed an added layer of emotional richness not often present among his peers. In this regard, Schultz’s music is indispensable within CCM.”

The album features Schultz’s brand new songs “Hope is Rising,” “Time Goes So Fast,” “Psalm 91” and others, as well as his timeless fan-favorites such as the worship anthems “God of Glory” and “I Am.”

The powerful title track – “Follow” – parallels how Schultz navigates his life, not by his own will, but God’s. Originally inspired by a story Schultz heard about a girl with a rough upbringing and no father-figure, Schultz discovered “Follow” was farther reaching than he knew: “As I lived with the song, I thought, ‘This isn’t just for her; this is for me. What do I follow?’”

Follow is available at, iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and everywhere music is sold.


Many artists talk about chasing their dreams, but for Christian recording artist Mark Schultz, it’s never been about the chase. Instead, he would rather follow, follow God’s call. Incidentally, this has led to what looks like any artist’s dream: two million records sold to date, ten No. 1 singles, a Dove Award as well as multiple nominations. If you’ve encountered Christian music in the last 18 years, when you hear the name Mark Schultz, you will probably begin humming your favorite Schultz hit. Mark and his wife Kate live just outside Nashville, TN with their three children – Ryan, Gus and Maia Mae.


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Press Release: Katzenworld Launches First UK World Cat Federation Cat Club

The online cat news information portal Katzenworld extends its brand by launching the UK’s first World Cat Federation cat Club under the Katzenworld Cats Club brand.

Earlier this year part of the Katzenworld team met with the World Cat Federation in Bran Castle in Romania as part of the Magnificats World Cat Show and part of this was to finalise the creation of the first World Cat Federation cat Club in the UK called Katzenworld Cats Club.

What is the World Cat Federation?

The World Cat Federation eV, or just WCF, is an international association of cat clubs, which is registered in Germany. There are 280 organizations worldwide associated with the WCF. President is currently Anneliese Hackmann from Essen. The WCF has been successfully working on the development of animal protection laws in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The WCF allows the breeders of affiliated clubs to register their cattery names internationally. They created standards for pedigreed cats of which she has currently published 61. The WCF trains judges for exhibitions and organizes the examines. The WCF has established exhibition rules that the exhibition, and the division of the cats in separate classes. Generally, the WCF is designed to promote international contacts of the cat clubs affiliated. Our new logo depicts the six continents on which the WCF has members. The rainbow coloured continents are framed by our premise.

The rainbow is a symbolic bridge between the 6 continents on which the WCF is established. It signifies acceptance of the diversity of life together with the common bond of love of cats. That is what makes the WCF so special.

Why did Katzenworld choose the WCF over joining one of the existing cat registries in the UK?

As the WCF has a strong core value of animal protection it is one of the reasons that attracted Katzenworld to form a cat club under the governing rules of the WCF for the UK.

The WCF club enables Katzenworld and their team to run cat shows where members of the WCF are able to bring their cats along to events similar to those organised by the existing organisations such as the GCCF or TICA while adding a focus on cat care and animal welfare as a natural extension of their work through the news platform. Additionally, the traditional cat show format of the WCF is also less stressful for cats and due to its generally more relaxed nature a lot easier for newcomers.

The current plan is to host a minimum of 2 shows per year starting from January 2019 while building up the memberships. For the events, Katzenworld plans to involve organisations and veterinaries to provide education and advice for cat owners and breeders.