If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?


While it feels like everything is falling apart all around me, there is one thing, and only one thing, that I am absolutely sure of and that is this: Heavenly Father’s love.

While I was pondering all that has gone wrong over the last year and bleeding into this one (can 2019 end, like, now?!), I was reminded of a song that I learned about a hundred years ago in the teen choir. It went something like this:

“We are persuaded that neither death nor life, nor any power from below or on high, things in the future, or in days gone by, can separate us from His love”

I probably messed up on some of the words, but that is how I remember it.  It was one of my favorite songs to sing.

I found it on YouTube, so you can hear it, too.

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!




Image by Couleur on Pixabay

Press Release: Patch the Hill Country Bunny


Houston, TX, February 25, 2019— Patch the Hill Country Bunny, a children’s book for ages 3-6, takes readers on a unique journey to one of Texas’s most gorgeous areas. Influenced by her love of the Texas Hill Country, Author Mary Delmore Balagia opted to use photos from her own personal memorabilia and adventures to illustrate a real-life connection to her favorite place. The book, published by LongTale Publishing, is dedicated to Balagia’s granddaughter and all children alike to form a connection to nature.

“I have been dazzled by the beauty and absolute wonder of nature. Every time I walk through the woods, following the paths made by deer and other creatures, I discover something new and exciting,” said Balagia. “I wrote Patch the Hill Country Bunny for my granddaughter so that she would develop an early curiosity about nature and in turn share her discoveries with friends old and new.”

Patch_5614Patch the Hill Country Bunny was inspired by a keepsake bunny given to Balagia by her mother and motivated by the belief that all children should have their own adventures in the great outdoors. In the book, readers are introduced to Patch, an adorable bunny from the city who experiences the excitement of new surroundings. Patch encourages young children to open their eyes, to listen, and explore the living, breathing environment outside of their home settings. Patch dares kids who have grown up in a tech driven generation to go outside explore the world of nature.

About Patch the Hill Country Bunny

Go and Explore!

Join Patch on a Texas Hill Country adventure. A visit to Grandmother Honey Bunny’s house opens this little bunny’s eyes to a whole new world. She even finds some friends along the way to share the fun. As Patch explores the sights and sounds of the hill country, she ultimately makes a big discovery about herself.

The book is available through the publisher’s website, LongTalePublishing.com, Ingram, Baker and Taylor and other online retailers. Click here to purchase it from Amazon.

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