Book Review: Wayfarer, North Carolina by J L Baumann

Wayfarer, North Carolina by J L Baumann

Wayfarer, North Carolina by J. L. Baumann is a compilation of seven short stories based in a small town area of North Carolina set in the 1970s.

The majority of the stories center around a restaurant called Charlie’s Restaurant, operated by a man named Bo. They tell of his interactions with various characters/customers.

While some of the stories are maybe a bit hard to get into, there are some real gems here. You’ve heard of saving the best for last. Well, that’s what happens in this book, too. The best stories are the last two. The last story’s setting is in a girl’s garden, not at Charlie’s Restaurant. It is quite a fascinating story!

The front cover says “Seven short stories of character and consequences”.  There are most definitely some interesting consequences in Wayfarer, North Carolina!

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