Book Review: Three of Cups by Kathy Wilson Florence

Three of Cups by Kathy Wilson Florence

I was a bit concerned about reading this book due to the use of tarot cards early on in it, but I am glad that I gave it a chance. It is a great book!

Three of Cups is the story of the lives of three women of two different generations. There is love, family, war, deceit, and tragedy. There is laughter and there are tears.

I (Suzanne) couldn’t put this book down. It had my mind going on hyper mode trying to put it all together, making connections between this person, this situation, and that one. It kept me wondering how the author would pull it all together for resolution at the end, and would it have a happy ending or would lives be ripped apart.

Kathy Wilson Florence is a great storyteller who weaves us in and out of the timelines and lives of the three main characters and support people along the way.

There is minimal use of profanity (and none of the major profane words) and there are no graphic intimate scenes. I give Three of Cups 5 stars and think that you will find it hard to put down, too!

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Three of Cups
By Kathy Wilson Florence
Available 1 July 2018 on
ISBN: 978-0998678122